xAj3z: selected comments from the web

"xAj3z is like nothing else in the world"

"This is...new"

"what an utterly fantastic record. came out of nowhere, as i was only 'meh' about the qXn94.. EP"

"This is going to be one of my favourite releases of this year.
J3z heart"
[Super lurker ultra V12]

"amazing album. truly original and beautiful.. cant wait to hear what christopherson and pavlov have in store for the live shows... god knows the last ones were pretty sweet.. what a fucking great group this is"

"..xAj3z is freedom from the mundane. It is the hidden beauty that stares us right in the face and dares us to recognize it. There is nothing generic about its sound, each melody carries its own personality, its own indefinable emotion. To the surface dweller this can be a casual experience, but those who delve a bit deeper will uncover, piece by piece, the hidden revelations that SoiSong has packaged for us"
[gray child - excerpt]

"Got the SoiSong album today and have fallen in love with it. Having been a TG/Coil fan for many years, I’m now convinced that between The Threshold HouseBoys Choir and the SoiSong releases, ole’ Unkle Sleazy really has started chilling out—and damn it I like it! I don’t know if it’s Thailand or Ivan or whatever the hell it is, but xAj3z is one of the most engaging, relaxing and thoughtful albums I’ve bought for a very, very long time. Sure, all of the genuine experimentation and the sense of being unsettlingly haunted remains, but somehow it now all feels as if it’s playing through empty space, quite slowly, without any angst or tension. It’s also extremely beautiful and begs for repeat, back-to-back play. Absolutely 10 out of 10. My candidate for album of the year"

"Subtle influences western eastern all. Informed always with years of one's craft honed, shared and returned anew. Fresh fond and stealthy. A particularly nice album from this recent musickal coupling. Sleazy (from Hipgnosis Design, Coum Transmissions, TG, PTV, Coil, Threshold HouseBoys Choir) and Ivan Pavlov (of COH (translates as "sun", I believe)) bring two minds together to allow the presence of a third in this first full-length from SoiSong. Nuanced voices from a figuratice long ago blend and wrap with and around the sounds in some songs, but only occasionally and neither forced nor traditional in a western harmonic sense. Electronic configurations of sound work together and through said piano and out comes something new. Thankful I am"

"Still listening to this and enjoying it a lot more as it goes round. Just on the track "mic mo" (lounge jazz electronica on the moon with tiny creatures howling and squeaking) and it's even more laid back follower "paer tahm" (as the previous track but even more sparse with a singing computer child in deep space). Very odd but actually pretty excellent.

There are more things coming out like this recently - works that have to be taken as an album and not just a collection of single tracks where it's not all laid out for you on the first spin. Personally, I'm really happy about this as it seems artists are starting to go back to making music for themselves first and foremost rather than pandering to anybody else. That's surely the way it should be, right? It's also these albums which tease and give themselves up over time that end up being the ones that get under your skin and have a longer lifespan. Maybe there's hope for music after all?"
[The Carpathian]

"Новый (по факту первый) альбом получился очень хорошим и душевным. Как мне кажется явный пример того, как музыканты могут отбрасывать в стороны свои технологические навыки и нырять, сломя голову, в музыку как таковую . Если пытаться охарактеризовать жанрово (неблагодарное дело), то можно было-бы назвать это "САКРАЛЬНЫЙ ПОП" :) , тоесть как бы и понятно и просто, но есть какая-то глубина и недосказанность . В некоторых композициях проскакивают нотки отдаленно напоминающие что-то ностальгически знакомое, словно отголоски музыки из советского кино (это субьективные ощущения ! :)),в частности 6-я дабовая вещь явно что-то такое в себе несет, - наверное это заслуга Ивана, :). Ну вобщем-то очень гармоничная пластинка, даже дискретно-вокодерный вокал никуда не выбивается, а спокойно и сентиментально плетет переливающуюся линию."
[Al Nocharismaboy]

"..something has to be said about the albums packaging, which is geometric shapes cut an folded to house an octagonal cd, yes an octagon. It's pretty amazing looking actually. The packaging is almost as abstract as the music it self, which is Classical infused electronic music with hints of Jazz and Industrial experimentations throughout...The overall vibe of the album goes from super relaxing, to somewhat horrifying, back to calm again, all while maintaining a minimal minimalist persona.

Overall XAJ3Z (whatever that means) is a pretty fluid album from beginning to end. If you're a fan of 'experimental' music such as Coil, the darker 'Jazz' stylings of Angelo Badalamenti, etc. or the minimalist side of Classical music like Arvo Part Soisong will indeed offer you up something 'fresh' and interesting."

"I think my favorite album of 2009 thus far is Soisong's xAj3z."
[Klint Finley]

"it's really different from coil, which makes me wonder if maybe john balance's role in the group has been underestimated over the years by people who say he was "the vocalist." it's also interesting to hear a full-on equal collaboration w/ ivan. i do like the album.. i should definitely spend some more time with current music!"

"i shelled out too and was initially pretty dissapointed with the inclusion of vocals/live drums and dimished focus on 'cold' glitchy electronics. seemed like quite a dramatic shift from their ep/liveshows. but its grown on me now and i have to admit this release is soothing, subtle and intelligent! theres supposed to be some more stuff coming out of the soisong camp soon..."

"I’ve called a lot of albums ‘alien’, but very few facilitate transport to a world as new, dwarfing, mysterious, detailed and complete as the one found on this album.. it’s a complex experience beyond anything I could have predicted, and it pushes the Soisong project in an exciting new direction It’s a very strange, yet very accessible album, way ahead of its time. It could just as easily remain an enigma as find a place in history as an early omen of pop trends of the future. It’s deeply multicultural music that could only have come from years of travel and life experience."
[Josh Landry]